Ed Sheeran earned a record $775 million on tour

The upcoming performances will be only in a year and a half, but this is not accurate.

On Monday, Ed Sheeran played the final concert as part of his third Divide tour, which lasted a little over two years. The tour closed with a three-day performance in Ipswich, East Anglia. Experts have already calculated statistics: in a year, and a half Ed spoke 255 times, 8.9 million people came to listen to him, and in total the tour brought the singer 775.6 million dollars, becoming the highest-grossing record in history. His closest competitor is U2 with the 2009-2011 360 round: the group earned $735.3 million for it.

While experts summed up the most ambitious tour of our time, it became known that the singer decided to take a creative break.

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