Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse' song is plagiarism, a California jury says

The lawsuit was filed by Christian rapper Markus Gray, claiming that the composition copies his track Joyful Noise.

A nine-person jury trial recognized the Dark Horse song of American singer Katy Perry as plagiarism, reported by the Associated Press.

Dark Horse single from Prism album released in 2013. A year later, Christian rapper Markus Gray and two co-authors filed a lawsuit against plagiarism against Katy Perry. They said that the composition copies the track of Gray Joyful Noise, which he recorded in 2009 under the pseudonym Flame.

Katy Perry and Dark Horse co-authors at meetings denied having heard Joyful Noise or Gray's other Christian music before. Nevertheless, the jury found Katy Perry guilty of plagiarism. Now it goes to the stage of punishment, where the court will decide how much the singer should pay for assigning someone else's intellectual property.

The process of determining the amount may take about a week. Celebrity has not yet commented on the court decision and does not appear in public. Recall that a jury trial revealed more than 35% of coincidences in both music tracks, in particular, the main melody and music techniques.

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