Kristen Stewart said she was ready to marry Robert Pattinson

The famous American actress Kristen Stewart announced her readiness to marry actor Robert Pattinson.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are best known for their roles in Twilight, where they met, and soon a stormy romance started. However, although the novel of the actors has ceased, Stuart fans still hope that the couple will converge again and warmly recall those times when they were published without hiding their feelings.

Recently, Stewart herself also pondered about relations with Pattinson. On the radio Howard Stern show, Stewart admitted that she was ready to marry him.

"I would like to marry him ... yes. I do not adhere to the traditions too much, but still, in all respects in which I was, it seemed to me that it was it. My love was never an accident," said the actress.

It is worth noting that the romance of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson lasted four years. The reason for the separation was the betrayal of the actress with director Rupert Sanders.

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