Lady Gaga's video set a new Instagram record

American singer and actress Lady Gaga set a new Instagram record.

A short video of an Oscar-winning artist, published in a popular photo app about a month ago, gained more than 1 billion views and almost 700 thousand likes, setting a new record.

In the video, Gaga shows a tattoo made on Valentine's Day. The tattoo with its creative pseudonym Gaga, recorded on the musical staff by notes of sol-la-sol-la, which in the English version are designated as G-A-G-A, was decorated with an error. The singer admitted that because of the large number of drunk tequila instead of the five lines laid by the staff, the master filled only four.

Meanwhile, on Gaga fan sites, her fans are urging to actively watch the 'billionth' Insta video to achieve a new record, two billion views.

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