Marilyn Manson was suspected in the novel with his ex-wife

Rock singer Marilyn Manson and his ex-wife Dita Von Teese were able to attract the attention of all the world's media.

Former spouses came together for a social event in Los Angeles, triggering rumors of a novel. The other day in the center of Los Angela a grand show of a new collection of the brand Libertine took place. Dozens of celebrities visited the social event, including the dancer and the star of the burlesque show Dita Von Teese, who came to the event with the famous singer Marilyn Manson.

The shocking couple immediately attracted the attention of all the participants of the show and the world media. At the social event, the ex-spouses chose clothes in the same style, which resembled the appearance of two lovers. Marilyn Manson, 50, appeared in front of the cameras in a black jacket with inscriptions and rhinestones and black trousers. Stylish glasses and burgundy lipstick completed the image of a rocker. But Dita Von Teese, as always, demonstrated her femininity.

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