Nicole Kidman, 52, plans to have another child?

Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman and musician Keith Urban plan to become parents for the third time.

The famous couple thought about the adoption of another child.

The decision of the spouses is not spontaneous. Nicole Kidman discussed adoption with her husband, Keith Urban. It turned out that he was also delighted with this idea because he wants his family to be more.

"None of them becomes younger, and Nicole agreed that at that age she would not give birth to a child in a natural way, so the adoption seemed to them the right decision," the insider said.

The first rumors about the third child, Nicole Kidman, and Keith Urban, appeared in July 2018. However, at that time, the couple were not experiencing the best of times, and insiders argued that this Hollywood marriage was on the verge of collapse. Now, Western media sources claim that the stars are determined and do not want to apply for services to a surrogate mother. Also, Nicole Kidman knows the whole procedure of adoption, because already passed this process.

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