Nicole Kidman admitted that she forgave adopted children

52-year-old Nicole Kidman hardly speaks about her older children, whom she adopted while she was married to 57-year-old Tom Cruise.

The star admitted that she was crushed when 26-year-old Isabella and 24-year-old Conor chose in favor of his father. They, like Tom, became followers of Scientology and moved away from their mother, who did not share their views. Despite a broken heart, Nicole found the strength to accept the choice of children.

“They chose to be Scientologists. Our task as parents is always to give them unconditional love,” the actress shared in an interview with The Sun. 

She added that motherhood is a journey in which there will always be ups and downs; the main thing is to remain a mother for your children, no matter what.

Now Kidman has managed to establish contact with Isabella, who lives in London. But the son does not yet want to communicate with her.

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