Salma Hayek spoke about an unsuccessful attempt to enlarge her lips

The Hollywood actress, before filming, wanted to transform radically.

The Hollywood beauty Salma Hayek, even at 53, continues to amaze fans with her appearance. The Mexican-American actress has a slim and fit figure, and any young girl can envy her smooth skin.

Any of her attempts to transform were associated with roles in the cinema. Recently, the actress told what sacrifices she almost made. She decided not only to try on a wig and put on lenses but also to enlarge her lips, which she had never done before.

When Salma came to the beautician for the procedure, the doctor immediately warned her that it would be quite painful. When the needle was already in her face, the actress changed her mind. "Not! Forget it. I'm not ready," she said and left the office.

According to a Hollywood celebrity, she realized that she was not ready for such measures for transformation.

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