Selena Gomez got a religious tattoo

The singer’s new tattoo consists of hands folded in prayer, the so-called 'namaste.'

Recently, Selena Gomez shone at the American Music Awards 2019. She performed with her hits on stage and became one of the most discussed guests of the evening.

After the ceremony, she shared Instagram photos from the backstage and also told fans that she had made a new tattoo. Selena laid out several frames from the tattoo parlor and showed the work of the master.

This rather large image of Gomez is located high on his hip. Fans of Selena immediately remembered that her ex, Justin Bieber, has the same tattoo on her leg too. This fact didn’t seem a coincidence to the fans, but in fairness, it should be noted that the 'namaste' image is very popular in itself.

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