Uma Thurman celebrated the birthdays of her daughters

Hollywood actress Uma Thurman showed photos with her daughters, Maya and Luna, who recently celebrated birthdays.

Well-known actress Uma Thurman celebrated the birthdays of her daughters. The eldest daughter of the actress, Maya Ray Hawk, was July 21, the youngest, whose father is Arpad Busson, was seven years old on July 15.

Thurman posted a picture of the girls on her Instagram page.

"Today my two daughters are celebrating. I'm happy," the actress signed the picture.

In January 2017, Uma Thurman received sole custody over the moon. The girl's father is a French billionaire, the former common-law husband of actress Arpad Busson, got the right to visit the girl once a month. At the celebration on the occasion of the seven-year daughter, the billionaire was missing. Maya Ray Hawk is the daughter of Uma Thurman and famous actor, Ethan Hawke. Thurman and Hawk also have a 17-year-old son Levon.

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