What a neckline! Selena Gomez on the red carpet again

The last few months, Selena Gomez has practically disappeared from sight.

The girl stopped giving interviews, deleted the social network, ignored social events ... However, it seems that now the singer intends to return to public life again! Yesterday, April 25, Selena became a guest at a charity event in California.

Appearing on the red carpet, Selena instantly riveted all the attention of guests and photographers. And they can be understood! Gomez looked this evening just gorgeous. For an exit, a celebrity chose a black dress from Dior with a deep neckline and classic pumps with heels.

Fans said that Selena looks just amazing. It seems that a long rest went to her advantage. The girl looks fresh and optimistic. Now she is ready for new roles and a continuation of her creative career. The actress herself admitted that she really missed the big movie, and wants to try herself in a new dramatic role.

The girl no longer remembers the unpleasant psychological moments. She has forgotten about past relationships and is ready for a new life without stress and emotional experiences. Fans wished the girl a speedy return to the cinema and new creative achievements.

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