Why Bred Pitt doesn't need an Instagram account

Many Hollywood celebrities are actively using social services to publish photos and promote their person. It is a great tool to increase attention to yourself. But it’s not for Brad Pitt.

Not so long ago, the actor admitted in an interview with a US magazine that he was not interested in Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks. Pete claims that his life is so full of colors and memorable moments.

The actor says he sees no reason to publish selfies and various videos about himself. The star noted that she appreciates the support and attention of fans, but is not ready to spend time on social networks. This fact sadly upsets the fans, because Brad Pitt is a famous person. Many lovers of his work want to learn more about his idol. Instagram and other social networks make it easy to access unique content, celebrity lives, and their activities.

Brad Pitt told that his life is too beautiful and exciting to spend at least some of it on the useless ones “selfies” and posts on Facebook. “This will never happen. My life is beautiful without it, so I do not see the point,” the actor said in an interview.

It is worth noting that Brad Pitt does not have a single official account in social networks. But the Internet has long been flooded with all sorts of fan groups and fan accounts dedicated to the life and work of the famous actor.