54-year-old Salma Hayek admired her blooming appearance

Salma Hayek showed a photo in which she poses with her mother-in-law. 

The women hosted a family dinner, cooking their men's favorite dishes. Salma, for example, is holding a casserole, which looks incredibly delicious.

Both are dressed festively and tastefully. Salma often referred to as a style icon, opted for a black suit: pants and a long button-down jacket. She combined the austere attire with a snow-white blouse decorated with a lush lace jabot. The hair, which the star prefers to bleach lately, she let loose on her shoulders, slightly twisted. Completing the picture was a light makeup with bright lips.

The mother of the popular actress's husband, Louise Gaultier, wore a black jacket with luxurious embroidery on the shoulders of stones and beads for the holiday dinner.

"Dinner at her mother-in-law's house is always an unforgettable experience!" Salma wrote under the joint photo.