79-year-old Al Pacino broke up with a young darling because of money

The actor has never been married, but the list of his love victories looks impressive.

Among his passions were Hollywood stars, and models, and television presenters. In the last couple of years, the idol of the audience met actress Meital Dohan from Israel.

Lovers often appeared together at social events. From the side, it seemed that they were not at all embarrassed by the 39-year-old age difference. However, after parting with the actor, the woman admitted that she felt a certain discomfort.

“I tried not to think about it, but he is still an old man. With all my love for him, this could not last long. The age difference is difficult,” Dohan told reporters.

During the period of relations with the Hollywood master Meital, many were accused of self-interest. Allegedly, the actress meets a star only for material gain. As it turned out, speculation is untrue, because, for the entire time of the novel, Dohan did not receive a single chic gift from her lover.

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