Billie Eilish admitted that she wanted to commit suicide

Despite the worldwide popularity, the singer for a long time could not get out of depression.

18-year-old pop star Billie Eilish admitted that she was often bullied, which made her fall into despair. A few years ago, Billie was so ill that she even thought about suicide.

"You see, I always loved to shock, drive people into a stupor, explode in their heads. I recharge from this! But at the same time, my image often became a target for bullying, which led me to melancholy and depressive thoughts. Once I confessed to my brother that I wanted to commit suicide!" Eilish shared in an interview with The New York Times.

Billie recently won a Grammy Award, taking five treasured awards at once. Also, the girl was invited to speak at the Oscars and was invited to record music for the new James Bond film.

After that, Finneas began to devote more time to his sister's problems. And then the whole family supported Billie. Now the singer is trying to resist the haters who drive her into the complexes.

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