Bruce Willis reunited with wife after quarantine with Demi Moore

Hollywood actor Bruce Willis reunited with his wife, British model Emma Hamming, after quarantine with her ex-wife Demi Moore. The Daily Mail reports it.

Earlier, the 65-year-old artist found himself in isolation with the star and their three daughters - 31-year-old Scout, 28-year-old Rumer, and 26-year-old Tallulah. Now Hamming has also arrived at the Moore Ranch in Idaho. The stars maintain a good relationship, although Moore and Willis divorced 20 years ago.

The model wanted to come to her husband early, but during her stay in Los Angeles, her youngest daughter was injured by a needle from a syringe. In this regard, Hamming had to stay in the city to wait for the results of the analysis of the child. Because of what happened, Willis had to miss the birthday of their other daughter, who turned eight in April.

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