Cameron Diaz wants to come back to the cinema world

In 2015, Cameron Diaz married Good Charlotte member Benji Madden and then retired from her acting career to pursue her personal life.

In her interviews, the actress has repeatedly said that she feels pleased after leaving the profession and hinted that she would not change anything in this regard. Besides, at the end of 2019, Cameron and Benji had a daughter, Raddix, after which Diaz only increased family concerns.

However, in a new episode of her friend Naomi Campbell's YouTube show, 48-year-old Cameron hinted that she was finally ready to return to the screens after a long hiatus. However, she did not specify precisely when.

"Firstly, I never say never, and secondly, now I really feel determined in myself. I haven't acted in films since 2014. It's been a long time, and now I really don't mind coming back! Inside I am not tormented by the feeling that I should return to the screens and act. However, this does not mean that this will never happen. At the same time, I clearly decided where I need to be right now" - Cameron shared.

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