Charlize Theron explained why she does not want to have a relationship with men

American model and film actress Charlize Theron has not been in a relationship for the past five years.

Even her daughter spoke about this, saying that her mother needed a boyfriend. However, she thinks entirely differently.

Actress Sharon Stone gave a candid interview to The Drew Barrymore Show, a video posted on a YouTube channel. There, the star talked about why she is in no hurry to seek a relationship.

The woman openly admitted that she had had several dates for five years, but had not met anyone. Note that Charlize Theron was never married.

'I do not feel lonely at all' - the model declared in an interview.

The star said that her priorities have now changed significantly. She feels good and comfortable because she takes care of the children. Charlize is convinced that time varies a person. So far, she is trying to play the role of a good mother, which is also a lot of work.

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