Charlize Theron spoke about her personal life

The 44-year-old American actress made a frank confession. It turned out that the children are trying to arrange her personal life.

The star admitted that her youngest daughter was amazed. Four-year-old Augusta suddenly started talking about relationships. The baby felt that her mother was alone. For the actress, this was extremely unexpected.

"Two days ago, I was driving with two of my girls. And my youngest said: "You need a boyfriend!"

Theron said she was not taken aback. The actress tried to calm her daughter down. However, Augusta continued to insist. "I replied that now I do not need it, and I feel great. But then I heard: "You know what, Mom? You need a relationship!" - continued the star.

Then Charlize had to explain herself. According to the actress, her daughter was amazed at her reflections on her personal life. "I said that I am in a relationship with myself, and I do not need a man. She had such a look, which made it clear that she did not imagine that this could be."

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