Drunk Victoria Beckham "caught" in the backseat of a car

On February 2, the BAFTA 2020 Award Ceremony was held in London.

The stars who were present at this event could not resist and a little "went too far" with alcohol. And since photographers never doze, therefore, Victoria Beckham was captured at this very moment.
At the height of the party, the stars already, according to the established tradition of BAFTA 2020, pretty decently leaned on alcohol. Therefore, celebrities from afterparties dispersed in different conditions. But the paparazzi were already waiting for their "victims" near the exit, holding their cameras ready.

Victoria Beckham and Charlize Theron most likely forgot that the paparazzi were waiting for them and still got into their frame. True, Charlize managed to hide from annoying photographers in the car, but Victoria was not lucky, she hesitated a bit, and the photographers "pounced" on her with cameras.

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