Eminem was nearly killed at home

The American rapper Eminem's house in Clinton Township, Michigan, was entered by an intruder and threatened to kill the musician.

The incident happened in the spring, but its details became known only now - after the preliminary court hearing of Matthew David Hughes, accused of unlawful entry into Eminem's house and damage to property. At a meeting in the Macom County Court on September 9, they heard testimony from local police officer Adam Hackstock, who came to Eminem's house in the spring.

The rapper (he did not take part in the hearing) told the policeman that on April 5, he woke up at his home, feeling the presence of a stranger - and at first, he mistook him for his nephew. Eminem asked the stranger what he was doing here; he replied that he had come to kill him. After that, the musician escorted the intruder out of the house, taking him through several rooms, and handed over to the guards.

Arriving at the scene, the police officer found the guard fighting Hughes on the ground. The attacker had no weapons with him. As it turned out later, he got into Eminem's house, breaking a window with a brick. Hughes initially referred to himself as the rapper's friend living nearby.

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