Gigi Hadid explained why she does not have plastic surgery

Recently, model Gigi Hadid went live with Maybelline makeup artist Erin Parsons.

Gigi revealed her skincare secrets, responded to rumors about her alleged plastic surgery, and admitted how her body had changed during pregnancy.

"People think I'm injecting, that's why my face is so round. I had big cheeks from birth. And they have increased because I am pregnant," said the star.

Gigi also responded to rumors about plastic surgery: "I answer everyone interested - I have never stabbed in the face. I am happy that everyone is doing with their body what they think is necessary, and at the same time, they feel more comfortable and better. But I am scared of plastic surgery. I always ask myself: what if something goes wrong?"

Hadid also admitted that she uses makeup as a tool to emphasize her natural features.

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