Gigi Hadid returns to work three months after giving birth 

Gigi Hadid and her lover, Zane Malik, announced the addition in late September - the couple gave birth to a daughter.

However, the name of the baby celebrity has not yet been disclosed. 

And it seems that the model is not going to sit for a long time in the decree. It turned out that the star's mother has already returned to work. In Stories, Gigi posted a new video on her Instagram page. In the video, the model shoots herself on the front camera, sitting on the couch. The star of Victoria's Secret shows signed as follows: 

"I could say that I started working, but my mother's work is not equal to anything. I'm back in the office," Hadid decided to add. 

However, the model did not explain what it was; fans can only guess what Gigi meant. Who knows, maybe soon the public will see the star's first picture after the birth of her heiress.

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