Hailey Bieber talks about family life with Justin Bieber

For several months, Hayley Bieber has been in the status of a wife.

She spoke frankly about her new role in the March issue of the American version of Elle. Also, Haley spoke about the difficulties she faced in marriage.

'Justin is an incredible person and a terrific partner. He is the only one with whom I would like to spend my whole life, so I was fortunate. At the beginning of our relationship, we had to work hard to overcome all the differences, but it was worth it. Justin is the person I care about and whom I love very much, and always has been,' says Hailey.

The model also said why she and her lover delayed the date of the wedding. The reason was the ailment of the singer - Lyme disease. However, the girl noted that now Justin is feeling well and completely healthy.

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