Harrison Ford nearly caused the plane crash

Well-known American actor 77-year-old Harrison Ford provoked a dangerous incident at an airport in southern California that could have ended in a plane crash.

"The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is investigating an incident where an Aviat Husky pilot drove through the runway ... while another plane was boarding," the FAA said in a statement.

Ford did not comply with the relevant air navigation instructions. The dispatcher ordered him to stop when another plane landed, but instead, Ford continued his run through the runway.

As a result, the aircraft was 1 km apart, which almost caused the accident.

Ford said he misinterpreted the dispatch service message.

Earlier, Ford had been in similar situations. In 2017, he accidentally landed an Aviat Husky plane on the taxiway at the California airport instead of the runway and nearly collided with a Boeing-737 airliner with 116 people on board.

And in 2015, Ford crashed into a golf course in Los Angeles with numerous injuries.