Jennifer Aniston starred in an unexpected advertising campaign

Jennifer Aniston does not seek publicity.

She started an Instagram account just a year ago. For this, she made less than 50 publications. She also does not appear in public often, and the actress's fans could only dream of advertising campaigns with her participation, up to this point. Unexpectedly for many, Aniston, a well-known fan of a healthy lifestyle, starred in an advertisement for dietary supplements.

On several shots, she poses in her usual conditions - in sports leggings and bras, at the same time demonstrating various types of physical activity. It is noteworthy, but the star herself became the initiator of the cooperation.

"Many years ago, I started taking this brand of collagen, so when I was asked to become a part of it in a broader sense, I was immediately enthusiastic about this opportunity. I have always been a supporter of self-care, and now I want to tell others about the importance of taking collagen. Our strength starts from within, so my choices are nutrition and supplements. That's how I start every day," says Jennifer Aniston.

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