Jennifer Lopez staged a photoshoot  

American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez has shared a series of snapshots with fans on the Web.

In the new photos, the 50-year-old star is depicted jumping into a short white dress that accentuates her slender and tight body.

In captioning the new photos, Lopez shared her motivational thoughts and urged her not to be sad for an extended period of self-isolation.

"At this time, when it is so easy to put our hands down and think about all the things that are not done as we would like, and what we do not have and those questions that we have no answers to ... I try make it a habit to say the three things I am thankful for. When I open my eyes in the morning and then at bedtime in the evening, when I lie in bed, I list out aloud the three good events that have taken place that day. It could be anything ... And I try to talk about different things every day. Stay positive and stay safe. I love you and miss you all. We will be together again soon," Lopez wrote.

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