Johnny Depp checked in on Instagram

A 56-year-old American actor created a personal profile on Instagram a few hours ago.

Johnny Depp immediately published his first post that intrigued fans. It seems that fans should expect a surprise from the idol.

The Hollywood actor seems to be bored in quarantine. Johnny Depp has never shown any interest in actively covering his life on social media, as he has always been under the watchful eye of paparazzi. However, today, April 16, the star registered on Instagram.

Johnny Depp has created his profile, and the news of the start of his public life online is rapidly gaining momentum in the press. However, the first celebrity post was equally intriguing. The American actor posted the first photo in a darkened room among a dozen lighted candles. However, judging by the signature, this atmosphere is hardly related to romance.

'Hello everybody. I'm writing something down here for you. Wait a minute,' concisely signed Johnny Depp.