Justin Bieber commented on all allegations of harassment

The singer denied the statement of anonymous women.

So, recently the famous Canadian singer was accused of sexual harassment.

A girl with the pseudonym Daniel stated that she was the victim of harassment of the singer in 2014. According to her, she and her friends went to a concert by Scooter Brown in Austin. To their surprise, Justin also joined the show and performed several songs. After a while, a stranger invited them to meet with the singer, and Justin, in turn, asked them to the hotel. It is noteworthy that the singer took the girl separately to his room. According to the victim, the celebrity started threatening her with the law and tried to kiss her.

Note that Daniel's accusations were also joined by another "victim," Kadi, who spoke about the harassment in 2015.

The singer decided to answer all the accusations at once. As he noted, Justin was indeed in Austin in 2014, but he was not in the hotel mentioned above that day, as spent all the time with his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. Moreover, the singer released the booking receipts for March 9 and 10, which destroyed all the testimonies of the "victims."

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