Justin Timberlake threw a party for the US Open champion

The artist has not allowed himself to miss a single US Open since 2009. 

It was then, 11 years ago, that Timberlake visited London and had a lot of fun occupying the Wimbledon tournament's VIP lounge. 

What exactly contributed to the birth of such a passion for the Grand Slams is unknown. However, Justin Timberlake even managed to throw a party in honor of the men's tournament champion. 

Justin himself has repeatedly demonstrated high class in the game of table tennis. But Timberlake's most famous visit to a sporting event happened in 2015. Justin showed up at the 2015 US Open in the company of pal Jimmy Fallon. 

Watching the action on the court wasn't impressive, as the champion was confidently trashing the outsider. The stars were a little late and fooled around so as not to get frankly bored. 

Then one of their assistants came up with a genius idea to contact the head of the tournament's entertainment department, Michael Fiore. The savvy attendant proposed Timberlake did a dance-off to a cool parody of Beyoncé's Single Ladies music video.