Kanye West shares a new design for Yeezy sneakers

Kanye West shared his new Yeezy Boost sneaker design on Twitter.

He presented two new models at once: creamy embossed YZY D Rose with stripes and yellow TURRELLIENS, which resemble cozy home slippers, or oriental shoes.

As usual, Kanye's sneakers are distinguished by a futuristic and unusual design - therefore, on the network, users began to compare the new Yeezy Boosts with different items, competing who would make it more original and more accurate. Someone sees a resemblance to thinly sliced ​​potatoes strung on skewers, someone - with a fish skeleton or noodles.

So far, neither Adidas nor Yeezy Supply has provided official information on the new sneaker models for Kanye West. The price range and the estimated release date of YZY D Rose and TURRELLIENS are still unknown.

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