Kendall Jenner threw a party amid a pandemic

The model asked the guests not to post pictures from celebrating her 25th birthday on social networks, but they could not resist.

Now Instagram users are up in arms against Kendall Jenner.

The girl decided to avoid the fate of her sister, Kim Kardashian, who was persecuted for a long time because of a party on the island at the height of the pandemic. But the photos were leaked, and the thunder burst out, this time at Kendall herself.

The pictures were published by the unfortunate party guests - in vain, and they dressed up. The hostess greeted the guests in a revealing jumpsuit with a thong, her sister Kylie dressed up a little more modestly in a snake costume, Haley Bieber was in the form of a maid... In general, the photos turned out in the best traditions of Halloween parties.

The stars' efforts, among whom were also Winnie Harlow and Jaden Smith, were not appreciated in social networks. Users noticed that the participants in the celebration do not observe social distance and everything without masks.