Madonna fell during the concert and began crying

World-famous singer Madona unexpectedly during a concert fell on stage and burst into tears. The audience did not expect this.

So, the famous singer Madona, who at 61 years old does not stop giving concerts around the world, recently fell right on stage from a chair. As it turned out, someone mistakenly sharply removed him from under her legs. The singer hit the scene hard and burst into tears before the eyes of thousands of her fans. One of the dancers of her ballet helped her to leave the stage.

Later, the singer admitted that for her, such a fall was a complete surprise. She could not hold back her tears of pain.

She spoke about this on her page on the social network Instagram.

'Here I am - from flesh and blood. If only the knees didn’t fail, the cartilage would not tear, nothing hurt, and tears never fell from our eyes ... But, alas, this happens, and thank God for this important reminder that we are all human beings,' she wrote.

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