Natalie Portman admitted that she was hiding her sexuality 

Hollywood actress Natalie Portman had severe problems with sexuality in her youth, imposed by pressure from society. 

The celebrity spoke about this in Dax Spencer's podcast Armchair Expert. According to the 39-year-old actress, after her teenage roles in TV shows, she felt discomfort when interacting with men. 

The actress complained that they began to call her "the young seductress," which negatively influenced sexuality. 

"I think childhood sexualization has robbed me of my sexuality. At this age, you already have your desires, and you want to explore them all. And you want to be open to the world. Still, you can't because you feel vulnerable around adult men who might be interested in you," Portman said. 

The actress added that she deliberately created the image of a "reserved girl" to protect herself from the excessive attention of men for some time.