Rihanna's father told how his daughter saved him from the coronavirus

The father of the world-famous singer Rihanna, 66-year-old Ronald Fenty, said that his daughter saved him from death when he fought with coronavirus.

He stated this to The Sun.

Ronald Fenty admitted that recently a test for coronavirus showed a positive result. However, the symptoms of the disease were so powerful that he did not even hope for recovery.

"My body and face were burning from a strong temperature. I was afraid of the worst. I would die, honestly," Ronald Fenty shared the experience.

Upon learning of her father's fatal diagnosis, Rihanna purchased a ventilator and sent him to Barbados. In addition to financial assistance, the star daughter daily contacted dad to find out about his well-being. This support was vital for Ronald Fenty.

"Every day, she was interested in the state of my health. My daughter has done so much for me. I love and appreciate her for it," the man admitted.

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