Robbie Williams is raising a child prodigy

46-year-old Robbie Williams recently talked about the new musical abilities of his daughter Theodora, whom her relatives call Teddy.

It seems that the 7-year-old baby is already preparing to "follow in the footsteps" of her dad. Theodora's achievements have become a special pride for Robbie, who calls her "the most gifted in their family."

The other day, Williams shared with fans the news that his little daughter had already begun to write songs. "This is phenomenal. I vouch for what she writes," Robbie commented on her work.

However, even before that, the singer admitted that he considered Teddy "more talented than himself," calling her "a fantastic singer." By the way, Theodora even managed to make her debut in the song "Home," released on the singer's Christmas album.

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