Robbie Williams shared an unusual way to lose weight

Support in perfect form for musician Robbie Williams has his own.

'In the morning, I don't get up. I have no fasting or special reason to do this. Rather, I sleep all the time that others deny themselves morning food. I don't go to bed before 5 or 6 in the morning. I'm just an owl in my lifestyle, and I was born that way. And not that I liked it,' said Robbie.

According to him, he can not do anything with his bizarre biorhythms and has long come to terms with this state of affairs:

'I would not want this to be so, but in the end, the most productive period begins with me from one morning to five in the morning. I do everything outlined at this time after I go to bed and wake up at noon. Then I eat around 5 p.m. and feel full.'

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