Selena Gomez suffered from depression at the beginning of the quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic has changed everyone's life. She also became the American singer Selena Gomez, who fell into a shallow depression at the quarantine's beginning.

Famous American singer Selena Gomez talked about how quarantine conditions and the coronavirus pandemic affected her mental health. She admitted this in an interview with Dr. Vivek Murty on Instagram Live on her cosmetic brand page.

The singer said that when the first wave of coronavirus covered the United States, it was tough for her to cope. Selena's profession requires constant travel, communication with people, and all this has become almost impossible. Also, according to the artist, she needs to make people happy, and because it was hard to work, she could not find joy.

But now Selena is much better. She started working on various projects, in particular, on her cosmetic brand. The star also aims to earn enough money to help people.

'The project's primary goal is to earn 100 million dollars in 10 years, which will go to support people with mental illness,' - said Selena Gomez.

The American actress admitted that she recently decided to go to a recording studio. Selena notes that, despite everything, she managed to overcome depression.

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