Sharon Stone took off her clothes and gave odds to young beauties

The famous Hollywood actress Sharon Stone asked the young beauties during a photoshoot for the glossy magazine Vogue Deutsch.

The 62-year-old actress appeared in classic low-key images and showed a slim figure.

Despite the rather stable age of Sharon Stone, the actress can still compete with young beauties in a charming appearance and a slender figure. So, Stone decided to star in the May issue of Vogue Deutsch magazine, for which she tried on various outfits.

Sharon appeared on the cover of a fashionable gloss in a classic suit of gold metallic color, applying light casual makeup to her face and making a slightly disheveled hairstyle. For most of the shots, the actress was dressed in formal suits, which had some zest in the form of a massive bow on a shirt, or consisting of a mini-blinker and a sweater on a naked body.

Some images of Sharon Stone were far from classics, but they equally emphasized all the advantages of a Hollywood star.

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