Shia LaBeouf is on the lookout for intensive treatment amid allegations of abuse

An attorney for 34-year-old Shia LaBeouf said the actor is about to go to intensive care after being accused of violence and abusive behavior by his former lover, the FKA Twigs singer.

'Shia needs help, and he knows it. We're actively seeking full, intensive, and long-term inpatient treatment, which he needs,' he told Variety.

A few days ago, 32-year-old Talia Barnett (FKA Twigs) sued LaBeouf, accusing him of violence. The star, who has been in a relationship with the actor for over a year, said LaBeouf assaulted her, locked her in a room, forced her to do things against her will, and deliberately infected her with an STD. After Talia's confession, other women who also had experiences with him came forward with accusations against the actor.

Before hiring a lawyer, Shia LaBeouf issued a statement to the media saying that not all of the allegations were true, but he admitted that he had behaved unworthily.

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