Britney Spears' sister commented on her court testimony

On her Instagram, Jamie Lynn explained why she kept quiet about her sister Britney Spears' custody.

"The only reason I didn't do it before is that I felt that until my sister could vicariously speak for herself publicly, I had no right to say anything. But now that she's said what she thought was right, I can follow her lead and say what I think is right," Jamie said.

Britney's sister claims she has always loved and supported her: "I made a conscious choice to only participate in her life as her sister and the aunt of her children. I may not have supported it with a hashtag, but I was supporting her long before it came along and will be doing so for years to come."

It was previously reported that Britney's younger sister, Jamie Lynn, became the trustee of the SJB Revocable Trust, created by the singer in 2004 to protect her fortune and secure a financial future for her children and has sought access to the singer's finances through the courts.