Demi Moore has revealed a new photo after the botched plastic surgery scandal

The 58-year-old Hollywood actress Demi Moore has shared a photo with fans, with which she refuted rumors about her failed plastic surgery. 

For instance, the celebrity recently appeared at a fashion show with her face showing surgery.

After that, on her Instagram page, Moore showed a photo in the company of famous supermodels. It shows that there is nothing wrong with the woman's appearance.

As it became known, at the show of the fashion house Fendi, the actress had her makeup done by professional makeup artists. They effectively highlighted the star's cheekbones with the help of cosmetics.

Thus, Moore showed a new picture, which was taken immediately after the show. Fans can see that the woman did not resort to the services of plastic surgeons.

The celebrity was accompanied by supermodels Christie Turlington, Kate Moss, and Fendi creative director Kim Jones.

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