Irina Shayk doesn't want a relationship with Kanye West

The press has reported new details about Russian model Irina Shayk and American rapper Kanye West. 

The star allegedly no longer wants to provoke relationship rumors and generate media attention.

About a month ago, model Irina Shayk and hip-hop singer Kanye West went to France to celebrate the rapper's birthday. After that, the couple was suspected of having an affair. Now, however, their relationship doesn't seem to be progressing as smoothly.

According to an insider, Kanye West invited Irina Shayk to go to Paris for Fashion Week together. But this time, the Russian model declined the offer.

'She likes him as a friend, but she does not want to build a relationship with him', - writes the source.

The insider believes that journalists who would hound the couple and write many articles about their relationship blame Shayk's decision.

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