Jennifer Aniston told how she almost lost her role in the TV series "Friends"

The idea of the actress then was not supported by her former producer.

"The director immediately told me that I would only be in three episodes. And so, when we shot everything, I started getting calls from my friends asking me to help them get into the role of Rachel instead of me. I thought, "What?" And I made a fateful decision. I asked the producer if I could stay and continue playing the role of Rachel Green. He said yes," Aniston shared.

"He said he had seen the show and thought it wouldn't make me a star. But he was wrong."

The role of Rachel Green in the TV series "Friends" really brought Aniston worldwide fame. According to the actress, the project became a hit immediately after its first launch. She added that she did not regret her decision to stay on the show and not even believe that she once wanted to leave.

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