Jennifer Lawrence admitted that she suffered because of her intimate photos

American actress Jennifer Lawrence gave an extensive interview to Vanity Fair for the first time in a long time. 

She spoke frankly about her mental health problems that have been shaken after her intimate photos were released online.

In 2014, iCloud hackers circulated personal nude photos of the "Hunger Games" star, giving every internet user a view of the actress' intimate shots. These images are still walking around the web, causing Lawrence to be under constant stress.

"Anyone can look at my naked body without my consent at any time. Someone recently published them in France. My trauma will last forever," Jennifer Lawrence stated.

Earlier, the actress admitted in an interview with IB Times that after that incident, for a long time, she could not allow anyone to see her body; she did not want to be sexy and draw attention to herself. Then several other celebrities suffered from the actions of hackers, including Kirsten Dunst and model Kate Upton.