Katy Perry talks about partnered labor with Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry, 36, has returned to work after giving birth to daughter Daisy, who was born in late August. 

She was on the Jimmy Kimmel Tonight Show, where she talked about motherhood and her relationship with 44-year-old fiancé Orlando Bloom. So, in a candid conversation with the host, Perry decided to have a baby, the best decision she has ever made in her life.

"This is the best decision I've ever made in my life. Now I have family and constant support and just an incredible fiancé who's already had the experience of being a father: he's raising a 10-year-old son," Perry shared, recalling Orlando's son, Flynn, who was born from the actor's marriage to Miranda Kerr.

In a conversation with Kimmel, Katy also admitted that, at first, she was reluctant to listen to Orlando's parenting advice based on his past experiences with his son. But then she did realize that her lover was sharing some beneficial things with her, recalling some critical details related to his previous relationship:

'I used to say things like, I don't need to hear all those stories. But they helped. Then I thought, 'Oh, you've been through this, and you know what to do.'

Perry added that she and Orlando genuinely love each other and are truly grateful. The star also admitted that her lover was with her during the birth and gave her invaluable help and support:

"Orlando was there and very supportive. He was wonderful, just holding my hand and looking into my eyes." 

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