Paparazzi caught Brad Pitt on a date with his ex

Brad Pitt was spotted in Paris with Nicole Poturalski, a photo model, the actor's affair actively discussed last year. 

Later, the couple broke up in October but now seem to be back together.

According to The News, the pair were spotted boarding a private jet in Paris. According to insiders, Pitt and Poturalski are planning a vacation together at the Hollywood movie actor's apartment somewhere in the south of France.

"He wants to find that special someone to stay with for a long time. The problem is that he hates the process and the fact that he can't even go out for coffee without people gossiping about it," said an anonymous source from the star's entourage.

Pitt himself has not yet commented on this information. However, this is not new - the actor does not like to share the details of his personal life, which became clear even when he and Poturalski broke up. Then Brad Pitt also kept silent.

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