Rihanna was caught on a date with a new man

Yesterday, 33-year-old Rihanna and her 32-year-old boyfriend Rakim Meyers, aka A$AP Rocky, went on a date to a restaurant in New York City. 

It did not turn out to be a private one - the lovers' privacy was prevented by the paparazzi, who started following them on their heels as soon as Rihanna and her boyfriend got out of the car.

For her outing, the Barbados singer chose a very striking look: she wore a pink dress with a slit on the leg, a fur hat to match the color of the outfit, and heeled sandals. The rapper kindly provided her with his leather jacket to keep her warm.

The couple did not immediately disclose their romance. The lovers hid their relationship for quite some time until the singer confirmed it publicly in an interview with GQ last month. He called Rihanna the love of his life.

Despite their publicity, the couple doesn't want to flaunt their personal lives. Insiders say that Rihanna and Rakeem don't want to draw attention to themselves from outsiders.

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