Salma Hayek talks about ghosts in her own house

Recently, Hollywood actress Salma Hayek became a guest star on the Ellen DeGeneres online show. 

Salma recalled a mystical story related to her house in a conversation with the host.

Salma said that she once had to fight with ghosts. However, the actress did not particularly believe in them but took all actions to get rid of the otherworldly inhabitants of the mansion.

The celebrity immediately admitted that she had not personally seen or heard any ghosts. However, her relatives, daughter, and house servants came across representatives of the supernatural world. We are talking about the actress's mansion, which is located on the outskirts of London.

The celebrity said that her loved ones came across the fact that the piano was making sounds independently. Also, the lights turned on and off arbitrarily, and the doors themselves opened periodically. The actress's 14-year-old daughter Valentina confessed that she had seen ghosts several times.