Selena Gomez admitted that she is thinking about ending her music career

Famous American singer Selena Gomez has shocked fans with a statement about possibly ending her music career.

The star announced this in an interview with the publication Vogue.

The singer said that she felt disappointed and realized that she did not want to spend her life making music. Gomez admitted that some listeners don't take her seriously. It is pushing her to think about ending her music career.

"It's hard to keep doing it when you're not taken seriously. Sometimes I think: What's the point? Why am I continuing?" - The singer shared.

The star revealed that she considers the song "Lose You to Love Me" to be her most successful song. She also announced the release of a new album, in which she promises to open up with another side. If the public does not like this style either, Gomez will leave the stage.

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